Greek and Latin Roots - Weeks 1 through 5

Greek and Latin Roots - Weeks 1 through 5


Are you looking for a high leverage way to teach your students vocabulary? Greek and Latin roots are a great way to make the most of your time this year. Your students will learn thousands of new words using roots for the year. The program is so simple it can be used with students as young as third grade, but roots are so useful that they will be helpful for students up to 7th grade.

This updated program teaches four roots a week. After five weeks, students will know 20 roots. Your students will learn how words are put together to create meaning. Not only will they learn the vocabulary words included in the unit, they will also be able to make a reasonable guess at other unknown words as well.

This Unit Includes:
-Checklist of roots to monitor understanding and learning
-Roots weekly bookmarks
-Sorting Cards for hands on practice with roots and vocabulary words
-Roots Mini-Book for a tangible product to practice with
-Practice Pages
-Interactive Notebook pieces
-5 Differentiated weekly quizzes
-3 Differentiated unit tests

Please note that this is not an entire year program. It is only five weeks of practice. I am updating all of the units, and I will update the entire year soon. Follow my store to be notified when it is listed.

I have updated this product to include both the old version (which is better for older students) and the new version (which is better for younger students).

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Grade Levels: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
Resource Types: Examinations - Quizzes, Worksheets, Interactive Notebooks