Sumer Reading Passages

Sumer Reading Passages

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Print and go resources for your unit on Sumer and Mesopotamia. This resource includes reading passages, study guide pages, a test, and all answer keys. You have everything you need to teach your students about the world's first civilization.

The reading passage comes in two forms. One version is a seven-page reading passage broken down into sections on settling in Sumer, agriculture, villages to city-states, Sumerians, religion, inventions, laws, money, Sargon the Mighty, and the fall of Sumer. In the other version, each section in the original reading passage is on a separate page for ten pages of information. 

Each topic, except for settling in Sumer, has a paired comprehension page with three multiple choice and two short answer questions to help students engage with the reading passage. 

A variety of study guide activities are also included. A vocabulary page requires students to define some of the key words from the reading passage. Students are asked to sequence the events in the evolution of money, writing, and agriculture. A concept map on Sumerian religion helps students understand all the parts of Sumerian's spiritual lives. There are also charts related to the social roles in Sumer and inventions and a timeline.

Finally, you can assess what your students have learned with a four-page test with questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy. All answer keys are included.

What's Included 

⭐ 7 page reading passage on Sumer

⭐ comprehension question pages on 10 topics

⭐ 6 page study guide

⭐ 4 page test

⭐ basic map of Mesopotamia

⭐ answer keys

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