Layers of the Earth Reading Passage Set

Layers of the Earth Reading Passage Set


Product Description

Cross-curricular teaching doesn't have to be exhausting! Add literacy to your science block or science to your literacy block with this reading comprehension passage all about the layers of the Earth. Differentiation is easy because you get three different versions of the reading passage.

Topics Covered 

⭐ crust

⭐ mantle

⭐ outer core

⭐ inner core

What's Included 

⭐ 2 Differentiated Printable Reading Passages

⭐ 1 Digitial Reading Passage with Links Within the Passage

⭐ 1 Set of Multiple Choice/Short Answer Questions (9 total questions)

⭐ 1 Notes Page with a Diagram of the Layers of the Earth

⭐ All Answer Keys

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