Atmosphere: Interactive Reading Passages

Atmosphere: Interactive Reading Passages

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igital or printable layers of the atmosphere reading passage set with comprehension questions and audio support. Every reading passage has an audio recording on Google, so students can hear what they are reading. You can share the passages on Google Classroom or print them.

There are 14 reading passages along with extra support slides with diagrams and extra information. The reading passages include links to each other, so if a student is reading about the atmosphere and has a question about the weather, she can click the link to transfer to the weather passage.

Each of the reading passages also has a sound link at the top. This links to a sound file stored on Google.

This set is perfect for personalized learning because kids can move through the topics in any way they choose. It is also valuable because it shows them just how interconnected the science topics are.

What's Included 

⭐ 14 Reading Passages on the Layers of the Atmosphere

⭐ 50 Comprehension Questions

⭐ 1 Comprehension Questions Page per Topic

⭐ Helpful Diagrams

⭐ Audio Recordings of all Reading Passages

⭐ Answer Keys

Topics Included 

⭐ The Atmosphere

⭐ The Troposphere

⭐ The Stratosphere

⭐ The Mesosphere

⭐ The Thermosphere

⭐ The Exosphere

⭐ The Ionosphere

⭐ Radiation from the Sun

⭐ The Greenhouse Effect

⭐ Carbon Dioxide

⭐ The Carbon Cycle

⭐ Weather

⭐ Photosynthesis

Support Pages 

⭐ Gases in the Atmosphere

⭐ The Aurora borealis

⭐ Plant Cells

⭐ Plant Cell Organelles

⭐ Animal Cells

⭐ Animal Cell Organelles

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