Science of the Seasons Reading Passages

Science of the Seasons Reading Passages

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Print and go reading comprehension practice. Use it to teach reading skills and science at the same time. You can get data on your students' reading abilities or give them extra comprehension practice.

What's Included 

⭐ 8 Reading Passages on the Science Behind the Earth's Seasons

⭐ 3 Reading Passages on Historical Locations Related to the Seasons

⭐ 1 Question Page per Reading Passage

⭐ Video Links Related to the Science of Earth's Seasons

⭐ Answer Keys

Reading Passages 

⭐ Earth's Tilt

⭐ Earth's Orbit

⭐ Earth's Seasons

⭐ The Tilt of Other Planets

⭐ The Winter Solstice

⭐ The Summer Solstice

⭐ The Fall Equinox

⭐ The Spring Equinox

⭐ Stonehenge

⭐ Karnak Temple Complex

⭐ The Temple of Kukuclan

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