Nervous System: Independent Study Set

Nervous System: Independent Study Set

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Print and go indepdendent study set on the nervous system. Students get everything they need to learn about the nervous system at their own pace. This is perfect for differentiation in the classroom. The reading passages are written for middle school students, but the information included would be helpful for high school students as well. 

Topics Included 

⭐ parts of the nervous system

⭐ parts of the brain and brain stem

⭐ lobes of the cerebrum

⭐ neurons

⭐ motor neurons and sensory neurons

⭐ neuroglia

⭐ autonomic and somatic nervous systems

⭐ parasympathetic, sympathetic, and enteric nervous systems

⭐ neuroglia

What's Included 

⭐ 14 reading pages on nervous system topics

⭐ 1 comprehension question page

⭐ 1 chart for organzing information

⭐ 12 foldable activities

⭐ 1 checklist for students

⭐ answer keys

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