Genetics Unit

Genetics Unit

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Print and go introduction to genetics and reproduction. Students will learn about Mendel's pea plants, dominant and recessive traits, Punnet squares, DNA, mitosis, meiosis, and more. Information pages teach concepts, activities reinforce the concepts, and quizzes assess student understanding of the concepts. This unit is best used in conjunction with your current textbook, but it can be used independently.

Topics Included 

⭐ traits

⭐ sexual and asexual reproduction

⭐ Mendel's pea plants

⭐ dominant and recessive alleles

⭐ genotype and phenotype

⭐ Punnet squares

⭐ codominant alleles

⭐ incomplete dominance

⭐ chromosomes, genes, and DNA

⭐ basic DNA replication

⭐ cell division (mitosis and meiosis)

⭐ basic crossing over

What's Included 

⭐ 16 information pages

⭐ 10 activities

⭐ 4 quizzes

⭐ 1 test

⭐ answer keys

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