Acids and Bases

Acids and Bases

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A comprehensive presentation to introduce your students to acids and bases. This resource can be projected as a whole-class presentation or printed for individual students. It covers a brief history of acids and bases and explains how acids and bases react.

Topics Included 

⭐ history of acids and bases

⭐ Arrhenius Theory

⭐ Brønsted-Lowry Theory

⭐ Lewis Theory

⭐ pH scale

⭐ properties of acids

⭐ uses for acids

⭐ properties of bases

⭐ uses for bases

⭐ water as an acid and a base

⭐ acid/base reactions

What's Included 

⭐ 60 page presentation 

⭐ 3 worksheets/notes pages

⭐ answer keys

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