Sargon the Mighty

Sumer was not the only civilization thriving thousands of years ago. In northern Mesopotamia, the Akkadians were building their own city-states. Sargon was the king of the Akkadians. There were many stories about his rise to power. One legend tells that his mother put him in a basket in the river to save his life. He was found by the king’s gardener and raised in the palace.

Sargon was a mighty military ruler. He conquered all of the city-states in Sumer and forced them to pay him a tax in money and goods.

During Sargon’s rule, the Akkadian and Sumerian cultures merged. The government used the Akkadian language but wrote in cuneiform. They continued to worship Sumerian gods, but sometimes used different names for them. 

Sargon fought over thirty wars during his lifetimes. His empire stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf. He ruled for 56 years from 2334 BC to 2779 BC, and his empire lasted until the death of this grandson.