Literary Devices Digital Presentation

Literary Devices Digital Presentation

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A digital literary devices presentation for your entire class or individual students. Each literary device has a definition, examples, and a picture to help your students understand and remember the new vocabulary. At the end of the presentation is a mini-game, so students can test their new knowledge.

The presentation is in the PowerPoint style, but it is a .pdf, so it will work on any device that can run Adobe Acrobat. 

What's Included 

⭐ 1 Digital Presentation

Literary Devices Included 

⭐ Metaphor

⭐ Simile

⭐ Personification

⭐ Alliteration

⭐ Assonance

⭐ Imagery

⭐ Foreshadowing

⭐ Flashback

⭐ Deus ex Machina

⭐ Hyperbole

⭐ Onomatopoeia

⭐ Satire

⭐ Oxymoron

⭐ Juxtaposition

⭐ Theme

⭐ Irony

⭐ Allusion

⭐ Foil

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