Introduction to Chemistry - Powerpoint Presentation and Sample Student Notes

Introduction to Chemistry - Powerpoint Presentation and Sample Student Notes


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This is a great backbone for teaching students the basics of chemistry. While this presentation doesn't have a full sized periodic table most classrooms should have a large periodic table available for students to reference. If you don’t have one, there are plenty available online.

I recommend showing this unit as a PowerPoint presentation a little at a time. Have students take notes (modeled here). I would also put chunks of the presentation on your classroom website so students can review as necessary.

I don’t go into detail about electronegativity, polarity etc… because this is just an introduction, but you could easily combine this information into this program.

When it comes time to show if they understand a concept I would either give a mini quiz to the class as a whole or have individual students pull one “problem” and explain it as they solve it in front of you one on one.

These lessons would also work for independent work. I believe I have made them self-explanatory enough that bright students could figure things out. If there are any important explanations you believe are missing, let me know and I will update it.

These slides cover: the parts of an atom, drawing an atom, reading the periodic table to learn about elements, drawing ions, combing ions (ionic bonding), covalent bonding, drawing covalent compounds, and the differences between ionic and covalent bonds.

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Grade Levels: 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, Homeschool
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