Multiplication Differentiated Questions

Multiplication Differentiated Questions

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Print and go multiplication progression worksheets. These worksheets have only one problem per page, so you can assess students as they work. The problems increase in complexity from one-digit by one-digit multiplication to two-step equations using parentheses. These pages can be used to show student growth in multiplication, and they are easily differentiated because different students can be working on different pages. Students can work through the pages as quickly or as slowly as they choose.

What's Included

⭐ 40 worksheets (1 problem per page)

⭐ answer key

Topics Covered

⭐ one-digit by one-digit multiplication

⭐ one-digit by two-digit multiplication

⭐ two-digit by two-digit multiplication

⭐ three-digit by two-digit multiplication

⭐ three-digit by three-digit multiplication

⭐ Commutative Property of Multiplication

⭐ Distributive Property of Multiplication

⭐ Associative Property of Multiplication

⭐ Two-Step Equations Using Parentheses

⭐ Factors

⭐ Multiples

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