Multiplication and Division Interactive Notebook

Multiplication and Division Interactive Notebook

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This interactive notebook is full of models and examples to teach all of the common core third grade operations and algebraic thinking standards. There are multiple foldables for each standard, so you have material for teaching, reteaching, and practice.

These foldables primarily use models to illustrate each concept, so students are understanding instead of memorizing. 

Models Included 

⭐ number bonds

⭐ tape diagrams

⭐ equal groups

⭐ number lines

Every third grade OA math standard is included in this resource.

Topics Included 

⭐ multiplication

⭐ division

⭐ one-step word problems

⭐ two-step word problems

⭐ solving for unknowns

⭐ representing unknowns with letters

⭐ commutative property of multiplication

⭐ distributive property of multiplication

⭐ associative property of multiplication

⭐ relating multiplication and division

⭐ arithmetic patterns

What's Included 

⭐ 22 pages of foldables covering all OA standards for grade 3

⭐ sample pages to show the completed foldables

⭐ a complete answer key for the problems on the foldables

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