Halloween Card Games: Addition and Subtraction

Halloween Card Games: Addition and Subtraction

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Let your students have fun this Halloween with addition and subtraction card games. Practicing math facts has never been this fun and easy.

These games make differentiation in your classroom so easy. You assign students a set of addition or subtraction cards, and the students pick the game they play. Each card set comes with instructions for each of the four games and equation/answer cards.

Both color and black and white versions included.

Games Included
⭐ Old Maid
⭐ Go Fish
⭐ Memory
⭐ War

Addition and Subtraction Sets Included
⭐ Easy Single-Digit Addition
⭐ Hard Single-Digit Addition
⭐ Easy Double-Digit Addition
⭐ Regrouping Double-Digit Addition
⭐ Easy Single-Digit Subtraction
⭐ Easy Double-Digit Subtraction
⭐ Borrowing Double-Digit Subtraction

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