Robert Abbott Reading Passage

Robert Abbott Reading Passage

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Print and go reading passage for your growth mindset instruction. This reading passage is all about Robert Abbott, the man who founded The Chicago Defender. Throughout his life, Abbott faced many difficulties because of his race. He was born to former slaves, his father died when he was a baby, he wasn't able to practice law because of the color of his skin, and his newspaper was banned in the South. Nevertheless, Abbott persisted and built the most successful African American newspaper in the country.

Use this reading passage to teach your students about a part of American history and a growth mindset at the same time. Both comprehension and growth mindset questions are included. 

What's Included 

⭐ 1 page reading passage on Robert Abbott and The Chicago Defender

⭐ 2 short answer and 3 multiple choice questions

⭐ answer key

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