Brain Science Weekly Presentations

Brain Science Weekly Presentations

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These 18 presentations teach students about how their brains work, so they can make the best choices for success. Each presentation includes information slides on a specific brain-based topic and an activity slide.

The slides are designed to be presented to a group. The presentations will be about a half an hour including time for the students to work on the activity. Individual students can also view the presentations separately because all of the information is on the slides. 

By understanding how their brains work, students are better able to respond to challenging situations that arise at school and at home. These presentations are designed to give students the tools they need to live their best lives.

Topics Included

⭐ Brain Basics

⭐ The Limbic System

⭐ How to Grow Your Brain

⭐ Our Emotions

⭐ Changing Our Emotions

⭐ When We Feel Bad

⭐ When Others Hurt Us

⭐ Empathy

⭐ Gratitude

⭐ Sleep

⭐ Exercise

⭐ Safety

⭐ Novelty

⭐ Community

⭐ Growing

⭐ Mindfulness

⭐ Giving

⭐ Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Results

What's Included

⭐ 18 presentations on brain science topics

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