Simple Verb Tenses

Simple Verb Tenses

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Print, cut, and go grammar practice. Introduce your students to simple verb tenses! You get mini-book pages that can be used to make a booklet or glued into a notebook, two workshop activities, 8 worksheets, and a pre and post-test. After this unit, your students will understand simple verb tenses!

Do you want perfect, progressive, and perfect progressive verb tenses practice? Get the Simple, Perfect, Progressive, and Perfect Progressive Verb Tenses Bundle!

What's Included 

⭐ 1 Mini-Book All About the Simple Verb Tenses

⭐ 8 Simple Verb Tenses Worksheets

⭐ 2 Sorting Activities

⭐ 1 Pre-Test

⭐ 1 Test 

⭐ Answer Keys

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