North America Lapbook

North America Lapbook

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Print and go geography practice for your students. Teach your students about the countries in North America with this interactive lapbook!

Are you teaching world geography this year? If you are, you know that the world is a really big place. It can be hard to know where to start. Learning about the countries that make up each of the seven continents is a great introduction for students of all ages.

This lapbook will teach students eight facts about the continent of North America. It includes a map to color. After coloring the map, students place the facts in the matching region of the continent. For example, a fact about Nicaragua needs to be placed near Central America.

A piece of large construction paper makes a great background for the map and facts. I have even included a cover for the lapbook.

What's Included

⭐ eight foldable facts about North America

⭐ blank map of North America

⭐ two labeled maps of North America

⭐ two cover pages for the lapbook (a boy/a girl)

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