Input/Output Fraction Notebook

Input/Output Fraction Notebook

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Print and go interactive notebook to teach the 3rd Grade Common Core Fractions Standards. Input pages come with scripts, so you can introduce the concepts to your students. Output pages allow students to show what they have learned. You can also use output pages to plan further instruction.

This resource uses a variety of models to illustrate fractions for students. The topics are specific and build on each other, so students won't feel overwhelmed learning fractions. Each lesson can be taught in less than one class period.

This resource can be used independently or in conjunction with Engage New York Grade 3, Module 5.

Topics Included 

⭐ Introduction to Fractions

⭐ Unit Fractions

⭐ Adding Unit Fractions

⭐ Adding Unit Fractions to Numbers Greater Than One

⭐ Comparing Unit Fractions Using Fractions Strips

⭐ Comparing Unit Fractions Using Other Models

⭐ Comparing Fractions With the Same Denominator

⭐ Comparing Fractions With the Same Numerator

⭐ Wholes

⭐ Placing Fractions on a Number Line Using Fraction Strips

⭐ Placing Whole Number Fractions on a Number Line

⭐ Placing Fractions Bigger Than One on a Number Line

⭐ Comparing Fractions on a Number Line

⭐ Finding Equivalent Fractions Using Models

⭐ Finding Equivalent Fractions Using Number Lines

What's Included 

⭐ Editable Table of Contents

⭐ 15 Fraction Lesson Scripts

⭐ 15 Input Pages

⭐ 28 Output Pages for Differentiation

⭐ Answer Keys/Sample Pages

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