Fractions Progression

Fractions Progression

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Print and go fractions program for personalized learning in your classroom! This fractions progression starts with the fraction basics and ends with dividing fractions. Every Common Core fraction standard from third grade through fifth grade is covered.

Each lesson includes an input page, where students learn about a specific concept, and an output page, where students show they understand the concept. You also get access to a video library aligned to the progression, so students can learn independently. 

This progression is perfect for students with a variety of math experiences. Every student will be working at a level that is comfortable yet challenging, and students do not progress until they have shown mastery of earlier topics. You will be amazed at how much your students will learn using this resource!

Topics Included 

⭐ equal and unequal parts

⭐ fractional units

⭐ unit fractions

⭐ making wholes

⭐ shaded and unshaded parts

⭐ comparing the size of wholes

⭐ adding unit fractions

⭐ adding unit fractions to make fractions greater than one

⭐ fraction strips

⭐ using fraction strips to partition a number line

⭐ placing fractions on the number line

⭐ placing fractions greater than one on the number line

⭐ wholes on the number line

⭐ decomposing fractions

⭐ comparing unit fractions

⭐ comparing fractions with the same denominator

⭐ comparing fractions with the same numerator

⭐ comparing fractions on the number line

⭐ comparing fractions

⭐ comparing fractions using benchmarks

⭐ ordering fractions

⭐ finding equivalent fractions using models

⭐ finding equivalent fractions using number lines

⭐ multiplying fractions using models

⭐ multiplying fractions

⭐ multiplying to find equivalent fractions

⭐ comparing fractions by finding equivalent fractions

⭐ adding fractions with the same denominator

⭐ subtracting fractions with the same denominator

⭐ adding fractions with different denominators

⭐ subtracting fractions with different denominators

⭐ converting mixed numbers into improper fractions

⭐ converting improper fractions into mixed numbers

⭐ adding mixed numbers

⭐ subtracting mixed numbers

⭐ multiplying whole numbers and unit fractions

⭐ multiplying whole numbers and fractions

⭐ converting tenths into hundredths

⭐ tenths and hundredths fractions as decimals

⭐ placing decimals on the number line

⭐ comparing decimals

⭐ dividing fractions

⭐ fractions as decimals

⭐ fractions as repeating decimals

⭐ finding the area of rectangles with fractional sides

⭐ multiplying by numbers greater than and less than one

⭐ dividing fractions using models

⭐ dividing fractions

⭐ dividing fractions to simplify

⭐ dividing fractions by whole numbers

⭐ dividing whole numbers by fractions

What's Included 

⭐ 53 fractions input pages

⭐ 53 fractions output pages

⭐ chart for recording student progress

⭐ answer keys

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