Landforms Workshop Activity

Landforms Workshop Activity

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This self-contained workshop lesson helps students discover how landforms form on Earth. It does require previous knowledge of plate tectonics, weathering, erosion, and deposition. During the mini-lesson, you will make sure that students know the necessary vocabulary. The working portion of the class will involve students sorting landforms based on how they formed. Finally, the debriefing will consist of checking students’ sorts and discussing the different ways landforms are formed. 

A reading passage set is also included for students who need reteaching or were absent for the workshop day.

Landforms Covered 

⭐ basin

⭐ butte

⭐ canyon

⭐ cave

⭐ cliff

⭐ hill

⭐ mountain

⭐ plain

⭐ plateau

⭐ valley

What's Included 

⭐ 10 landform foldable and sorting page

⭐ 1 notes page on tectonic processes, weathering and erosion, and deposition

⭐ 2 vocabulary pages 

⭐ 1 reading passage with 2 questions pages

⭐ 2 short assessments on landforms

⭐ answer keys

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