Brain Science for Students

Brain Science for Students


This presentation is designed to teach your students about brain science and how the brain affects choices and actions. When students understand how the brain works, they are empowered to take control of their own choices and behavior.

The presentation is divided into 18 individual topics for 18 weeks of brain science instruction. The information is accessible for students in third through eighth grade. The presentation would also be helpful for parents, so they can better understand their children’s brains.

Topics Included

  • brain basics

  • the limbic system

  • how to grow your brain

  • our emotions

  • changing our emotions

  • when we feel bad

  • when others hurt us

  • empathy

  • gratitude

  • sleep

  • exercise

  • safety

  • novelty

  • community

  • growing

  • mindfulness

  • giving

  • thoughts, feelings, actions, and results

This presentation is completely free because I believe that this information will change students’ lives. Please share your experiences using the presentation, so I can make it as effective as possible and others can learn about it.

If you live in the Dallas area and would like me to present the information to your class or group, email me at

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