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Writing Information Essays

Writing Information Essays


Teaching our students to write essays is essential to their future success. Most of our students will not become professional writers, but they will all go to high school, and many will go to college. Both places where regular essays will be required.


By the time I reached college, I had written so many essays that it was second nature to me. I could sketch out a quick outline and have my essay written in a matter of hours. Unfortunately, my husband had a different experience in college. He had not been required to write as many essays in elementary, middle, or high school. As a result, it took him days to write one essay. He was frustrated and overwhelmed.

This experience showed me the importance of teaching essay writing.

Writing an essay is not intuitive. Students need years of models and scaffolds to learn to write effective essays.

essay planner.jpg

This graphic organizer helps show students the blueprint of an essay and helping them get their ideas organized. Every information essay follows the same basic plan, so students can use this same tool over and over again. This form still pops in my head every time I need to write an informational piece.

You will need to model using the graphic organizer before students can do it independently. Pick a topic your class has studied and complete the organizer together. Then, give students a chance to complete their own organizers.

Using the organizer is a great way to review a topic. Students don’t have to write an essay to benefit from working with the essay planner. Merely filling out the organizer will improve students writing and organizational skills.

Here is the organizer:

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