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What Is Productive Teaching?

What Is Productive Teaching?


When I was still in the classroom, I often felt like I was drowning. I knew what I needed to do to help my students, but there never seemed to be enough time to do it. I spent every Sunday working in my classroom, yet I could never catch up.

There were contributing factors to this mess. I worked in a district that didn’t provide any curriculum, so I was creating or finding everything. I was also a new teacher, so I didn’t have years of materials ready to use. I am also a little ADD so I would get excited about new ideas and resources instead of using what other teachers used or what I had used in the past. I was also committed to differentiating for each of my students. While this is an admirable goal; it is impossible to achieve without support.


When my husband got a promotion that required considerable travel, working in the classroom didn’t work for my family anymore. I decided that I would dedicate my time to giving teachers the resources and support I had so desperately needed in the classroom.

Teaching today is an amalgamation of several different jobs. There isn’t enough time in the day to do all of these jobs well which is one reason we are seeing so much teacher burnout. My goal is to do one of these jobs for teachers so they can focus on everything else they have to do.


I create rigorous resources that are engaging for students and easy for teachers. Many of my products are cross-curricular so you can use your instructional time efficiently. Plus, life is cross-curricular. I want students to see the connections between social studies, science, reading, writing, and math.

I have been selling my resources on Teachers Pay Teachers for several years, but now I am ready to do more. I want to provide teachers the resources they need to feel successful in the classroom. My goal is to make the overwhelmed teacher extinct.

Check back often to get ideas on how to organize your classroom, your day, and your curriculum so you can teach your students without losing your mind.

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