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Lesson by Lesson Interactive Notebooks Aligned to Engage New York

Lesson by Lesson Interactive Notebooks Aligned to Engage New York

A couple of years ago my team started using Engage New York to teach third grade math. We liked that there were lessons for each day of math class. When your school doesn't have a set curriculum covering all of the material can seem impossible.

Pretty quickly, I realized I needed to supplement the Engage curriculum to make it more fun for my students. I started making interactive notebook pieces for my students. I ended up putting them on Teachers pay Teachers. Two years later, I have interactive notebooks for grades 1 - 5 aligned to the Engage New York math curriculum. 

The one complaint about the notebooks I consistently got was that there wasn't time in the day to work on them. I totally get that. Engage New York is a full curriculum. I knew I had to update the notebooks, but I had to wait for the right time in my life. It would be a lot of work!

Well, that right time has come. A revision doesn't seem like the right word to describe the changes to the notebooks. I completely started from scratch. I looked at every lesson in each module to make a couple of interactive pieces to match each lesson. 

Each lesson is confined to half a page - or two lessons per page.

Here is how I would use these pieces in my classroom:

1. Teacher prints out the notebook pages. (I like to use colorful paper, but white paper is fine too. Kids can color to personalize their notebooks!)

2. Teacher uses a paper cutter to cut the pages in half.

3. Teacher stores the half pages for the week.

4. Each morning (or beginning of class for departmentalized schools) the teacher puts the half pages for the day's lesson on student desks.

5. When students arrive they cut out the pieces on the half page. The pieces can be stored in a baggie, so no pieces are lost before math.

6. During the math lesson, the teacher can either use the interactive pieces as an introduction or a review of the concepts taught.

Of course, you can always use the pieces in any way that works for your class and students.

I am leaving the old version of the interactive notebooks in the product, so you can use extra pieces to supplement your teaching. The old notebooks are organized by topic, not by lesson.

Here are the links to Module 1 for each grade. Third grade is completely finished. Second grade is done through Module 4. I am working really hard to keep ahead of everyone in 1st, 4th, and 5th grade, so you won't be on a module without the interactive notebook pieces.

Grade 1:

Grade 2:

Grade 3:

Grade 4:

Grade 5:

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