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How to Use Graphic Organizers to Increase Reading Comprehension

How to Use Graphic Organizers to Increase Reading Comprehension

From third grade to college, a student cannot be successful without strong reading comprehension skills. Unfortunately, some students struggle to naturally understand what they read. 

To help these students, we must give them tools to use to build their skills. My favorite tool for increasing reading comprehension are graphic organizers. They help the student focus on the important parts of the text. Plus, graphic organizers turn written information into visual information which can be easier for students to process.

The best graphic organizers are built to pair with a specific piece of text. You can make your own graphic organizers to accompany the reading passages you are using in your classroom. You will want to tailor your graphic organizer both to the reading passage the students will be reading and to the information or standards you want the students to learn or practice.

Here are some ideas you may want to incorporate into your graphic organizers:

1. Main Idea and Supporting Details

2. Vocabulary Words

3. Literary Devices

4. Cause and Effect Relationships

5. Sequencing

6. Compare and Contrast

Of course, there are many other topics that could be incorporated into a graphic organizer depending on the purpose.

If you don't have the time (or desire) to make different graphic organizers for every nonfiction reading passage, you can use my generic Nonfiction Reading Passage Organizer for any reading passage or textbook chapter. 

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