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Brain Science for Students

Brain Science for Students

When students understand how their brains work, they are better prepared to make good choices in the classroom, on the playground, and at home. This presentation introduces students to the nervous system and the brain and explains how our brains impact our actions.

The presentation is divided into 18 topics with information slides and an activity for each topic.


Topics Included

  • brain basics

  • the limbic system

  • how to grow your brain

  • our emotions

  • changing our emotions

  • when we feel bad

  • when others hurt us

  • empathy

  • gratitude

  • sleep

  • exercise

  • safety

  • novelty

  • community

  • growing

  • mindfulness

  • giving

  • thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. 


I tried to make the slides informative enough, so students can understand the information just by reading, but I believe the information is best delivered as a presentation with lots of stories included.


If you teach or lead a group in the Dallas area, I would be happy to deliver the presentation to your group. Email me at, and we can schedule it!

I am providing the presentation at no cost because I strongly believe that all students should learn about their brains and how to make good choices. You can get your copy in my store.

Please share your results after using this presentation. I would love to hear what was helpful, what was confusing, what other topics you would like to have included, and your general thoughts.

The presentation is geared toward kids from 3rd through 6th grade. I think it would work with students in 7th and 8th grade too, so I would love feedback from teachers from those grade levels!

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