Scarcity in the Classroom

When humans don't have what they need, it is all our brains can focus on. When children don't have what they need, it can look like misbehavior in the classroom. Any classroom management plan must take scarcity into account in order to best serve students and create a positive classroom environment.

Da Vinci's Notebooks

Leonardo da Vinci kept thousands of pages of notes during his lifetime. While he was a genius, he was also disorganized and struggled to finish his work. Is there a better role model for today's students? See how you can turn a lesson on one of the great Renaissance artists into a notebooking habit in your classroom. Extend writing past your Writer's Workshop.

How to Save Paper in the Classroom

Learning requires paper, but many schools are limiting the amount of paper (or copies) teachers can use. This blog post gives you some idea on how to save paper in your classroom without sacrificing rigor, differentiation, or fun

Subject/Verb Agreement Blast

Learn 13 rules for subject verb agreement to enhance your grammar lessons. This is a must read for any teachers who aren't confident in their grammar abilities. It is quick to save you time. Your students will appreciate your mastery of subject verb agreement!