The Note for Success Experiment

Be a part of the notes of encouragement challenge. While your students are working on a difficult task, give them a note from a student who worked on the same task before. The note should include some kind of tip, but the tip doesn’t have to be helpful. Then, share the results on your students’ achievement with the hashtag #notesforsuccess and tag @TheProductiveTeacher.

A New Way of Teaching

Learn all about a new way of teaching students using the 12 cognitive processes. This introductory blog post explains what the 12 processes are and how we use them in everyday life and why we need to get better at them.

Teacher as Collaborator

Shift your thinking and become a collaborator instead of a traditional teacher to help your students reach their goals. Learn ways that you can improve the collaborative spirit in any classroom.

Using Programs to Save You Time

Do you feel overwhelmed with planning lessons every week? Does your school not provide curriculum? Finding programs you love can save you tons of time because the planning is done for you so that you can focus on differentiating and creating meaningful experiences for your students. Click to read about using programs to plan and get a free program planner!

Packing Up Your Classroom

Get ideas on how to pack your classroom for summer efficiently. A little planning and organization at the end of the school year will help you create an easier beginning of the next year. Click to read the blog post now!

Communicating With Parents Using Weekly Planner Sheets

Making communicating with parents a part of your weekly routine with these weekly planner sheets. You can share all of the important information for the week along with personal notes to parents. Parents can also use the sheets to send you notes because communication is a two-way street. Simplify your life with this free template. Click to read more about it!

Writing Information Essays

Writing information essays is a skill every student needs to develop. Learning to organize an essay is critical. This information essay planner is a graphic organizer your students can use to plan their essays before they write. Click to read the article and grab the freebie!

What Is Productive Teaching?

What is productive teaching? Learn how you can transform your life, so you can teach without feeling overwhelmed. Find ways to differentiate for all of the students in your classroom, plan fun activities, and engage your students in rigorous learning activities.