Blackbeard was a real pirate that attacked ships along the coast of North America and in the Caribbean. Many stories have been told about Blackbeard. Some of them are true, and some are not.

     Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach. He began working on an English ship that attacked ships from Portugal and Spain on behalf of the Queen of England. These ships were called privateers. This is where Edward learned how to be a pirate.

     Eventually, Edwardjoined a pirate crew. The captain was so impressed with Edward that he let him keep a ship they had captured. Edward named it Queen Anne’s Revenge.

     Once he became a captain, Edward started calling himself Blackbeard. In order to appear scarier in battles, he would twist slow burning fuses into his beard and hair, so it looked like his head was smoking. He wore many weapons draped across his chest to intimidate others as well.

      Blackbeard didn’t steal treasure. Instead, he attacked merchant ships that were carrying supplies like cloth, coffee, or grain. He would then sell these goods to people living in the colony of North Carolina. Sometimes, he would take hostages and refuse to release them unless things like medicine were delivered to his ship.


     Blackbeard was only a pirate captain for about two years. In the fall of 1718, his ship was surrounded by the British Navy. The pirates almost escaped, but their ship was beached on a sandbar. Blackbeard was killed in the fighting.

     Researchers today do not believe that Blackbeard buried any treasure. It wouldn’t make sense to bury the coffee, cloth, or grain he stole. However, treasure hunters are still searching for the possible treasure Blackbeard may have left behind.