Civil War Scavenger Hunt

Civil War Scavenger Hunt

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Print and go Civil War learning activity. Kids learn best when they are curious. These questions about the Civil War are designed to get kids curious! Students can use any classroom resources to find the answers to these questions. This is a great way to differentiate because students can use videos, articles, books, or each other to find the answers to their questions!

What's Included
⭐ 27 Civil War Topics
⭐ Answer Keys

Topics Included
⭐ The Missouri Compromise of 1820
⭐ Nat Turner's Rebellion
⭐ The Compromise of 1850
⭐ Uncle Tom's Cabin
⭐ Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
⭐ Bleeding Kansas
⭐ Dred Scott v. Sanford
⭐ John Brown's Harpers Ferry Raid
⭐ The Election of 1860
⭐ Secession
⭐ The Battle of Fort Sumter
⭐ The First Battle of Bull Run
⭐ The Battle of Hampton Roads
⭐ The Battle of Shiloh
⭐ The Seven Days Battle
⭐ The Battle of Antietam
⭐ The Battle of Fredericksburg
⭐ The Battle of Chancellorsville
⭐ The Siege of Vicksburg
⭐ The Battle of Gettysburg
⭐ Grant's Overland Campaign
⭐ Sherman's March to the Sea
⭐ The Fall of Richmond
⭐ Surrender at Appomattox Court House
⭐ The Assassination of Lincoln
⭐ Johnston Surrenders
⭐ The Thirteenth Amendment

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