PEMDAS - Order of Operations - Introduction/Group Practice/Individual Practice

PEMDAS - Order of Operations - Introduction/Group Practice/Individual Practice


This semi-PowerPoint is great for introducing/reviewing PEMDAS (Order of Operations) with your students. It uses the mnemonic device: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally to help students remember the order of operations (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction). The set is designed to introduce the topic, practice a couple of times as a class, break up into groups and practice with one problem, and then practice individually.

This set is not fancy or cute; it is the plain basics that students need to practice to become proficient with the order of operations. If someone wants to fancy it up please contact me and we can talk about splitting any sales.

There are 2 practice order of operations problems with a step-by-step solution for each, 5 group problems (solutions included in answer key), and 9 individual problems.

I would use this as both a PowerPoint and as worksheets. I would go over the first couple slides with the class (elaborating when necessary), then break the students into five groups. I would then give each group a different group problem (print out these slides). Once groups have solved their problems they would present them to the rest of the class. Finally, I would pass out the final individual worksheet as a homework assignment or individual assignment during class.

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