Multiplication Differentiated Questions

Multiplication Differentiated Questions


Are you looking for a way to teach multiplication to your students? These worksheets were designed following the principle that Japanese teachers use to teach their students. The big idea is that the kids do the thinking, not the teacher.

Begin the lesson by talking about what the class already knows about multiplication or repeated addition. Then, brainstorm together what you need to know to solve the problems. The last step is releasing the kids (either independently or in small groups) to solve the problems on their pages.

As kids think they have completed their problems, they come up to the teacher. The teacher can then give instant feedback and guide the students to finding their own mistakes. 

There are 40 pages of problems that are all differentiated - from one-digit by one-digit multiplication to using the associative property to multiply three numbers.

You can have all of the students work on the same page, or (even better) have each student work on the page that is right for her.

An answer key is provided to help you quickly check your students' work. However, the focus of these pages is showing work, so there are tons of ways for your students to complete the pages correctly.

Topics Covered:
- one-digit by one-digit multiplication
- one-digit by two-digit multiplication
- two-digit by two-digit multiplication
- three-digit by two-digit multiplication
- three-digit by three-digit multiplication
- Commutative Property of Multiplication
- Distributive Property of Multiplication
- Associative Property of Multiplication
- Two-Step Equations Using Parentheses
- Factors

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