March Fact Practice Booklet: Multiplication and Division

March Fact Practice Booklet: Multiplication and Division


The only way to memorize math facts is to practice. Then, practice some more. Then, practice a little more. 

It is hard to get kids excited about all of this practice, but it can be done. Plus, as they see themselves getting better at their math facts, they will be more willing to put the time into memorization.

This book matches math facts and models to help kids build their understanding of numbers while memorizing math facts. 

Number Bonds
Tape Diagrams
Number Lines

Covers all multiplication and division facts for 1 - 12.

There are 138 pages of practice and a cover. It is super easy to print the pages as a booklet using Adobe Reader. You can give kids every page, but I recommend giving kids a smaller sample of the book. This will allow you to differentiate for all of the students in your class.

Each page has cute March decorations that your early finishers or artistic kiddos will enjoy. 

I gave these to my own daughters, and they are really loving them. Their friends have even asked for copies. I don't usually share how my kids feel about my products, but I want to share evidence that kids are really motivated with these booklets.

Answer Key Included

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