Number Names: Sorting Cards

Number Names: Sorting Cards


Are you looking for a math center that will keep kids independently engaged and learning? Maybe you need a way to help a struggling learner master all of the number names.

These sorting cards are amazing because kids love to sort. Struggling learners feel more confident because all of the answers are there already. Advanced learners begin to see patterns and sort using prediction skills. Plus, when you sort with a friend, it is so much fun!

Not only are these cards fun, but they are a great introduction to number names and expanded form. Both of these topics are a part of the 2nd grade common core math standards.

Just cut out the cards, laminate if you choose, and put them in a bag or box. Students will need a quick lesson on sorting. (There are a few different ways to sort. This product requires students to put all of the cards into groups that match each other.)

I did this activity with my second grade daughter and her friend. They did not want to stop sorting! They loved it and were having so much fun!

The cards are broken down into three sets. One set is only two-digit numbers. The other two sets are only three-digit numbers. Each set has 12 numbers. Each number has a numeral, number name, and expanded form card.

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