2nd Grade Engage New York Module 3: Worksheets

2nd Grade Engage New York Module 3: Worksheets


Engage New York is such a great resource for teaching math. However, sometimes students just need a little bit more practice. These thirteen worksheets cover the same standards as Engage NY Module 3 for second grade. 

Students are asked to...
-place numbers in a place value chart
-exchange the value of ones, tens, and hundreds
-count by ones, fives, tens, and hundreds
-show the base-ten numeral, picture, number name, and expanded form of a number
-name numbers
-draw numbers using place value disks
-make tens, hundreds, and thousands
-compare numbers using a place value chart
-find one more, one less, ten more, ten less, one hundred more, and one hundred less

These worksheets are a supplement to the work in Engage New York. They would be helpful to students who need more practice with the concepts before taking the end of module test. I specifically looked at the end of module test to make sure the worksheets included all of the topics covered in the test.

All answer keys are included, and the product is a Google product. That means it is fully editable online using a link provided on the first page.

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